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Salt Water Lazy River

If you’re looking for a hard-to-find salt water lazy river in East Texas, look no further than Stillwater RV Resort near Tyler! Campers from Dallas to Shreveport and all across the south are putting Stillwater on their must-visit list, and we’ve spared no expense in providing the kind of true high-end resort experience you’ve been searching for.

As with all Stillwater amenities, our salt water lazy river is only for use by registered guests of our resort with overnight reservations. If you’re interested in experiencing our salt water lazy river but you don’t own an RV, we have resort RVs for rent to let you stay overnight here at Stillwater, as well as our Camp House that can be rented for larger groups!


Salt water lazy river photo gallery

What are the advantages of a salt water lazy river?

The water feels better! Enjoy the smoother, softer feel of our salt water lazy river over a traditional chlorine-based lazy river.

No chlorine smell or burning eyes! With traditional lazy rivers you get that "pool smell" and eye irritation that sticks with you throughout the day. Our salt water lazy river fixes this.

Gentler on your body and clothes! Chlorine can irritate your skin and damage your clothes over time. Salt water lazy rivers provide a comfortable, irritation-free experience!


Do salt water lazy rivers taste like the ocean?

The salt levels of salt water lazy rivers are much lower than what you find in ocean salt water. So no, our salt water lazy river at Stillwater RV Resort will not taste like getting a mouthful of ocean water!

Our pools are also salt water!

In addition to the lazy river, our other pools at Stillwater RV Resort are also salt water! It’s hard to find salt water pools in the world of RV resorts – we’re proud to offer this amazing amenity to our amazing guests!